Top 3 Motivational Messages You Need To Start Your Day With

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She believes she can – so she is. 

It’s easy to forget how strong the power of the mind really is.

Especially, ESPECIALLY  the power of self belief and affirmations.  For a long time, I felt pretty inadequate when it came to a lot of things. Reflecting on my childhood, I can think of countless teachers, peers, and even my own parents telling me “You’re not good at X,Y, or Z.” So I believed those things for myself and settled. I thought I had to accept certain situations and that was that. “You’re not good at math.” “You’re an english person.” ” You’re more of a…background singer.” 

I couldn’t help but feel like these situations had to be wrong. These people had to be wrong. But, what did I know?

After my mom died when I was 14, I had to start figuring things out on my own. I was forced into uncomfortable situations and had to learn SO much. I was teaching myself to cook, how to do this or that. I took jobs that I never thought I would do. Heck, I even moved across the country and started a new life for myself.

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I don’t know why it took 7 years. But suddenly, around 22 years old- it clicked.  If I was able to figure ALL OF THAT out- what else can I do? Hollllld the phone. Stop EVERYTHING. All of the negative things I believed about myself from my childhood- I realized was a lie.

It wasn’t my actual skills that were holding me back. It was my belief about my skills. So what did I do?  I began to apply that knowledge to other things. Work, school, working out, you name it.

I’m learning that the mind is like a farm. You can plant whatever you want in the farm. If you plant seeds of negativity- it will grow. If you plant seeds of positivity- it will also grow.  Your mind doesn’t give a flying patoot about what goes into it, it just GROWS.  So you need to be careful and intentional about what you plant. The good news is –  we are in control!

So me? Another 20-something motivational speaker? Lol. I know I know.  I have a LONG way to go. In fact, I’m just getting started.  But, at least I believe I can and that’s huge.


One of the most crucial parts of my daily routine is what I feed my mind.

With that said- below are my top three speeches to listen to on my drives, while I put on my makeup, at the gym, you name it!





One of my FAVORITE things to do is repeat the words to myself.  “Don’t cry to give up! Cry to keep going!” “You’re standing up for peace of mind, you’re standing up for health! Take FULL responsibility for your life!” ” It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, it doesn’t matter what happens to you. What matters is- what are you gonna do about it?” “I CAN, I CAN.”

Start with these, and start to explore what motivates you. I am telling you, if you actually listen to what they are saying and live by the words-  it will work.  If you’re putting in things in your mind  that grow you and push you,- it will reap positive results if you believe them and take action. I know it works because I live by it.  Do I sound a little crazy? Yeah, probably!  But, I’m fighting to become the person I want to be- and so should you.

I always push myself to do one more. To exceed my own expectations. To try something new. To take an odd job. To try that math problem. Because now I know there is no limit. The limit is us. So, let’s go.


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